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Hwaseong city landmark

KakaoTalk_Photo_2023-07-06-16-08-49 006.jpeg
KakaoTalk_Photo_2023-07-06-16-08-49 006.jpeg

900㎡ scale

Extensive and comfortable dog playground​

This is a space where you can create happy memories with your dog while enjoying cool drinks and snacks at an outdoor playground that accommodates small to large dogs.

Proceeds from the playground are used to care for sheltered animals and rescue endangered animals.

How to use/Location

​동물 위탁관리업 등록번호


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Dog nursery

A place that respects the habits of animals

A space to improve your dog’s socialization and happiness. Proceeds from the foster care service go toward animals in crisis.​


Cat foster

Selected by the Management Association as a safe and trustworthy foster care facility in Hwaseong

Professional pet masters comfort the hearts of cats that are sensitive to their habitat and provide care so that they can have a comfortable and enjoyable time as if it were their own home.
Proceeds from the foster care service go toward animals in crisis.

How to use/Location

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Dog cafe

​Cool and comfortable space

The dog cafe is a space that feels like a home living room where you can freely sit on cushions and communicate with dogs.

Proceeds from the cafe are used to protect rescue animals.

How to use/Location

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