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77 branches across Korea

Animal rescue

Responsibility for endangered animals lies with all of us who enjoy urban life at the expense of damaging mountains and fields and taking away their habitats for cultural infrastructure.

Stray cat lying on train railways in Vietnam

Cost of rescuing animals

Animal Shelters are private conservation organizations, and costs are incurred during rescue, which are billed to the client.

<Rescue dispatch cost>

Cat - 100,000 won~

Puppy - 200,000 won~

Wild animals - 200,000 won~

Depending on the difficulty of rescue, such as the environment and the target animal, costs may vary.

Rescued animals are handed over to the requester.

If you wish the animals to enter our animal shelter,

the cost is borne by the client, admission fees are determined after consultation with the person in charge.

​Protection group without euthanasia

Rescued animals are protected without euthanasia, and adoption promotions are carried out regardless of the period until an adopter is found.

As we are distributed to 77 branches across the country, animals can enjoy a happy daily life in a comfortable environment without overcrowding.

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