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Incheon foster care services/cat cafe

Cat paradise

Resting place for homeless cats

Proceeds from the animal shelter's cat cafe are used to provide shelter and a balanced, high-quality diet for cats with nowhere to go.


Thanks to the people who visited the stray cat cafe so that many cats were able to eat their fill and rest comfortably.

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​동물 위탁관리업 등록번호


Adoption cafe

A ground for finding new family member

There were some people who decided to adopt a cat after visiting the animal shleter's cat cafe.

A place where lifelong relationships are hidden in comfortable encounters!

How about trying to visit a cat cafe where anyone can apply for adoption?


By applying for temporary protection, you can stay with the cats a little longer and give them the gift of warmth and daily life.

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Cat foster

​Safe and comfortable

We understand your love for cats, but it is dangerous to leave them somewhere arbitrarily. Cats have difficulty adjusting to new environments and they may suffer stress or injury without professional care.

The Incheon Branch animal shelter, certified by cat lovers, is doing their best for the health and happiness of cats. At our animal shelter, we provide a cat care service and provide care tailored to the cat's personality and preferences.

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