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개 장례식

​Check-in for animals in crisis

​전국77개 지부

24시간 긴급입소

급작스러운 사고나 피치못할

사정으로 사랑하는 반려동물을

급히 보내야한다면(양도)

동물보육원으로 문의주세요.

영어/중국어/일본어/불어 통역이

가능한 전문 상담사들이 외국인

친구들의 반려동물 긴급입소도

상담해 드립니다.




24-hour emergency admissions foster

care service 

In the event of an emergency or incident and you have to send your beloved pet away or foster care, please consult the Korea Animal Care Center.

We provide English/Chinese/Japanese/French customer service to provide professional consulting services for foreign friends.








흰 고양이

입소가능 동물

Animals such as mammals/rodents/amphibians/birds/reptiles/insects that are allowed to be fostered in the clinic


​Free abandonment conditions​
If the following conditions are not included, it is a paid service


Small breed dogs and breed cats

Medium or large are paid services, and non-cat and dog animals are also paid services.


Under 3 years old


Meet the review conditions

Check-in procedures

동물보육원 화성지부.jpeg

1. Consultation

After consultation with the branch, select an on-site visit reservation or pickup schedule.


2. Bring supplies

Please prepare for check-in by bringing all the supplies your pet used.

디지털 계약

3. Electronic contract

We must conclude an electronic contract. Be careful because document contracts are places that impersonate us! Effective date 2023.6.30

We cannot provide assistance if damage occurs due to the conclusion of a document contract.


4. Admission

Your pet is safely housed and guaranteed a comfortable and cozy daily life.

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